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Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) is the most reputable manufacturer of disposable P2 respirators. All our products are Australian-made and adapted to meet the needs of local and international professionals. We have received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions for the quality of our face masks and today we represent the go-to provider of antiviral face masks in Australia. We are also the first to manufacture P2 respirators in the country. AMD was established with a mission to promote the health and well-being of professionals across Australia by providing them with the most adequate equipment.

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TGA_Public Respirator
TGA_ Surgical Medical Respirator
BMP 730119 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Filteration Test
Penetration by Synthetic Blood Test
Differential Pressure Test
BFE Test
Australian Made
Manufacturer's declaration of conformity

Why AMD face masks

AMD face masks are produced using first-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology. Our disposable face masks are designed in collaboration with renowned professionals. We organise interviews and testing with staff that utilises our products on a day-to-day basis to find out, first-hand, how the design of a face mask can be improved. We make note of every comment, positive and negative, and apply them to our work. As such, antiviral face masks that we develop in Australia represent the most practical and secure piece of equipment you can purchase for your staff. Furthermore, our products are widely praised for the level of comfort they provide. AMD team understands that face masks sometimes need to be worn for longer periods of time and we want the professionals who are wearing them to forget that they even have a mask on and not feel like it is standing in the way of successful completion of their work.Not one face mask leaves our manufacture without undergoing strict testing to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. In fact, our Quality Management System is compliant to ISO 9001 international device standard. As a result, we are can say with great confidence that our disposable respirators offer the highest degree of safety and security.


AMD is the only P2 respirators manufacture in Australia
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Learn how AMD is responding to COVID-19 and how to properly wear a facemask for COVID-19


AMD currently offers a exceptional disposable face mask that have received an amazing response from the public.

NANO-TECH Particulate Respirator-T4


  • Cutting-edge nanofibre filters
  • Four-layered face mask
  • Latex-free mask
  • Three-panel design
  • High levels of breathability
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We are offering bulk wholesale supply of high quality, Australian-made face masks. Please contact us to provide your products requirements and order quantity, to receive a fast quote and date for delivery.
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