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AMD’s nano-tech P2 particulate respirators


Particle Filtration
Efficiency (PFE)


Bacterial Filtration
Efficiency (BFE)


Superior filtration and 4 layered protection


Nanofibre technology provides excellent breathability


Superior comfort when worn

AMD’s NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirators are created in close consultation with professionals who wear masks as part of their daily lives, with the aim of creating masks that meet the needs of these professionals working in high-risk environments.

With a Quality Management System compliant to the ISO 9001 international medical devices standard, AMD masks are the first P2 masks manufactured in Australia using nano-fibre technology for superior protection, breathability and comfort.

For the workplace, and life essentials

NANO-TECH Particulate

P2 AS/NZS 1716:2012

P2 Earloop

The AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator features advanced filtering and design details that allows it to be worn comfortably while maintaining high quality functionality

* Recommended for single use only

NANO-TECH Particulate
Respirator-T4 & T4HL

P2 AS/NZS 1716:2012

P2 Earloop and Headband

Designed for protection, comfort and breathability

The AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator features advanced filtering and design details that allows it to be worn comfortably while maintaining high quality functionality.

* Recommended for single use only

Why buy AMD mask?

Industry-grade quality

Every protective face mask we create undergoes strict testing to ensure that it meets high industry standards. Our team is professional, experienced, and extremely attentive to details and will not release a product to the market before they determine that it offers satisfactory levels of security for people wearing them. 

State-of-the-art design

All our products are developed in partnership with the utmost industry professionals who offer us their advice and guidance. Owing to the comments made by professionals who wear protective face masks on a daily basis, we are able to come up with unique, cutting-edge designs that meet everyone’s needs.

High protection levels

By getting a protective face mask from AMD, you know you are getting a product made from top-grade materials. As we work with some of the top industry professionals, we know just how big of a difference the choice of material can make in terms of the respirators’ efficacy. Ultimately, we opted for two types of masks:

  • A four-layered mask featuring cutting-edge nanofibre filters which prevent harmful airborne particles from reaching your mouth and nose. A nanofibre protective face mask is also efficient protection from infectious liquid materials, bacteria, virus and dust. 

High levels of comfort

All respirators from AMD’s selection are designed with a perfect fit in mind that would come with minimal gaps and high breathability levels. Protective masks are latex-free and feature a nose foam to fit across the nose ridge without causing discomfort. Our products are soft, lightweight and odourless, which makes them an ideal choice for professionals who are required to wear them for prolonged periods of time.

Wholesale supply of face masks?

Buy the best face masks in Australia for your staff. Choose AMD and know you are getting the best value on the market. We stay on the pulse of the industry and continue to search for additional solutions to expand our product offer and meet individual requirements. AMD currently offers two exceptional products and we plan to release new solutions to the market soon.  

Contact us today to tell us your product requirements and order quantities, to receive a bulk wholesale price on face masks.

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